Changes In Customer Opinion

Download PDF here: Changes In Customer Opinion

Grippa clips were fitted in two bars for user-testing. The aim was to capture knowledge on the suitability of, and customer response to, the Grippa clips in the barroom setting. Where appropriate, such data would be fed back into the (iterative) design process with second-generation Grippa clips altered accordingly. Data were collected using a customer survey (see appendix 1) which gauged patrons’ perceptions of the Grippa clips, their current bag placement behaviour and attitudes towards crime prevention publicity more generally. Surveys were carried out in three sweeps: before implementation of the Grippa clips when each pub contained only Chelsea clips, shortly after implementation of the Grippas and then a considerable time after implementation (roughly a year). This report describes the findings of each data sweep, makes comments on any changes observed over time, particularly Chelsea versus Grippa clips, and draws some general conclusions.