Business Plan

Dowload PDF here: Research Councils Business Plan

The Grippa clip proposal was shortlisted in the 2009-10 RCUK Business Plan competition and members the of Grippa team were able to attend workshops on developing a business plan and finance strategy for innovative research, in early 2010.

“Grippa is a new bag-holding clip designed to help reduce bag theft and the loss of mobile personal possessions. It is a retrofit security solution that is aesthetically pleasing, hence the shout line that “secure design doesn’t have to look criminal”. The British Crime Survey shows that around 576,000 personal thefts occur per annum levying a total cost in the region of £410 million that in 2007-08 period. 11% of these crimes occur within a pub or bar.

Home Office statistics also suggest bag theft and pick-pocketing rose by 25%. Grippa products will help to cut down such crimes, and the distress caused by the loss of cash, phones and other personal possessions for unsuspecting victims.”