Conferences/seminars (facilitator/organiser):
• Briefing Conference JDW (PDF)
• Safer Sustainable Cities Presentation (PDF) and Conference Flyer (PDF)

Conferences/seminars (presentation-not keynote):
• 15th ECCA Conference (PDF)
• Business Crime and DAC (PDF)
• Cambridge CRAASH 2009 (PDF)
• Changing the Change Turin (PDF)
• CHEAD Cardiff (PDF)
• Definitions Approaches and Processes (PDF)
• Design Meets Ethanography (PDF)
• DOCA International Conference (PDF)
• DRSI International Conference Lisbon (PDF)
• EAD Izmir (PDF)
• ECCA Brisbane (PDF)
• ESC Conference Bologna (PDF)
• German Congress on Crime Prevention (PPT)
• Glasgow Research Community (PDF)
• IED 2007 (PDF)
• IED 2009 (PDF)
• International Crime Reduction Conference Banff (PDF)
• Introducing DAC (PDF)
• Norsk Form (PDF)
• Open Innovation (PDF)
• Paliamentary Policy Exchange Conference (PDF)
• Pecha Kucha 2009 (PDF)
• Pecha Kucha London 2009
• Phd Presentation (PDF)
• Polish Police (PDF)
• Presentation to Samsonite (PDF)
• Reinventing with Design Hong Kong (PDF)
• Safer Sustainable Cities (PDF)
• Striking Sparks ECCA (PDF)
• University of Surrey Seminar (PDF)

Invitations to be conference chair/panelist:
• Building Safer Communities by Designing Out Crime (PDF)
• ECCA 2007

Invitations to give plenary/keynote presentations:
• Audi Masterclass (PDF)
• Brazil (PDF)
• Crime Prevention International Experience (PDF)
• Design In Public Space (PDF)
• Edit 8 Conference Norway (PDF)
• Institute of Criminology Sydney Presentation (PDF)
• Interdiciplinary Design Institute Spokane (PDF)
• Safer Sustainable Cities Presentation (PDF)
• Urban ideas Bakery Kaunas (PDF)
• What Makes Cities Creative Warsaw (PDF)
• What’s Up DOC? (PDF)

Invitations to visit overseas HEIs
• Australian Institute of Criminology (PDF)
• Teaching Invitation to DOC-RC Australia
• Teaching Invitation to IED (PDF)
• Oslo National Academy of Arts (PDF)
• Teaching Invitation to Elisava (PDF)