Design Briefs

Download PDF here: Business Brief
Briefing document to secure venues as part of the Stop Thief Chair Pilot Program, aimed at providing workable solutions to participating outlets / premises that have notable and persistent bag theft problems. The targeted launch date is Autumn 2010.

Dowload PDF here: Grippa Design Brief
Anti-bag-theft brief supplied to MA Industrial Design students at Central Saint Martins in 2006, drawing Grippa research and insights.

Dowload PDF here: Grippa Brief Skunkwork
A summary document introducing the 2006 ‘Grippa 2’ design brief: to redesign those objects currently called DAC “Grippas” catalysed by an original brief set by Lorraine Gamman in 2004, which recognised the Chelsea Clip did not work, and sought to inspire a new clip design aimed at designing out the crime of “lifting” of bags from cafes/ pubs/ restaurants (see and also Lorraine Gamman’s In the Bag CD-Rom, London Institute 2000). The original Grippa brief was tackled by designers Jackie Piper, Marcus Willcocks, Chris Thomas and Ansel Thompson and produced a range of “on table” designs in 2004, as well as a range of communication designs delivered by Sean O’Mara and Itamar Ferrer.