User and Abuser Analysis


User: Bag Furniture Relationships

Most common positions for bags to be located


Observations showed that bags are often left unattended


Abuser Techniques – MO’s


Lifting is defined as theft of property from a static location. Characteristics include: Opportunistic theft; owner inattentive / bag unattended. Thief conceals or kicks away bag, picks it up and walks away.


Dipping, also known as pick-pocketing involves discrete access gained through bag or pocket; property removed by nimble fingers. Possible tactics include distraction/blocking.

Distraction: Cover Up

In this technique, the perpetrator distracts the victim with conversation and covers up desirable item with a card or a map. During this conversation, slips item into his own bag or pocket before walking away.

Distraction: Fake Pigeon Poo

In this technique, the 3 perpetrators work as a team. Perp 1 drops fake pigeon droppings on the victim from a balcony. Perp 2 acts as a ‘friend’ taking care of victim and distracts from Perp 3 who steals the bag.

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